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Filling cells and creating data series
INSIDE OUT Fill series limited to 255 characters
Excel lets you type up to 32,767 characters in a cell. However, if you want to extend a
series using Auto Fill, the selected source cells cannot contain more than 255
characters. If you try to extend a series from an entry of 256 characters or more, Excel copies
the cells instead of extending the series. This is not really a bug but a side effect of the
Excel column-width limitation of 255 characters. Besides, a 256-character entry is not
going to be readable on the screen anyway. If you really need to create a series out of
humongous cell entries like this, perhaps a little worksheet redesign is in order.
Otherwise, you have to do it manually.
Figure 8-23 shows some examples of simple data series created by selecting single cells
containing values and dragging the ill handle. We typed the values in column A, and we
extended the values to the right of column A using the ill handle. Figure 8-24 shows
examples of creating data series using two selected values that, in effect, specify the interval to
be used in creating the data series. We typed the values in columns A and B and extended
the values to the right of column B using the ill handle. These two figures also show how
Auto Fill can create a series even when you mix text and numeric values in cells. Also note
that we extended the values and series in Figure 8-24 by selecting the entire range of
starting values in cells A3:B12 before dragging the ill handle to extend them, showing how
Excel can extend multiple series at once. (We applied the bold formatting after filling to
make it easier to differentiate the starting values.)
Figure 8-23 Create simple data series by selecting a single value and dragging the ill handle.
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