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Filling cells and creating data series
Figure 8-24 Specify data series intervals by selecting a range of values and dragging the ill
If you select more than one cell and hold down Ctrl while dragging the ill handle, you
suppress Auto Fill and copy the selected values to the adjacent cells. Conversely, with a
single value selected, holding down Ctrl and dragging the ill handle extends a series,
contrary to the regular behavior of copying the cell.
Extending with Auto Fill
Sometimes you can double-click the ill handle to extend a series from a selected range.
Auto Fill determines the size of the range by matching an adjacent range. For example, in
Figure 8-25, we filled column A with a series of values. Then, with the values shown in cells
B1:B2, we filled cells B3:B5 by selecting the range B1:B2 and double-clicking the ill handle.
The newly created series stops at cell B5 to match the adjacent cells in column A. When the
selected cells contain something other than a series, such as simple text entries,
doubleclicking the ill handle copies the selected cells down to match the length of the adjacent
You might see the Quick Analysis tool appear adjacent to the ill handle when you
select a range of cells. This is a great tool, but not useful for creating ills. You can click
the ill handle without disturbing the Quick Analysis tool, but if you prefer, just press
the Esc key to dismiss it. For more information, see “Using the Quick Analysis tool,” in
Chapter 2, “Exploring Excel fundamentals.”
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