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Filling cells and creating data series
Figure 8-25 We extended a series into B3:B5 by selecting B1:B2 and double-clicking the ill
INSIDE OUT How Auto Fill handles dates and times
Auto Fill ordinarily increments recognizable date and time values when you drag the
ill handle, even if you initially select only one cell. For example, if you select a cell
that contains Qtr 1 or 1/1/2013 and drag the ill handle, Auto Fill extends the series as
Qtr 2, Qtr 3, or 1/2/2013, 1/3/2013, and so on. If you click the Auto Fill Options menu
after you drag, you’ll see that special options become available if the original selection
contains dates or the names of days or months:
An interesting feature of this menu is Fill Weekdays, which not only increments a day or
date series but also skips weekend days. Depending on the original selection, different
options might be available on the menu.
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