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Filling cells and creating data series
Using the Series command
On the Home tab in the Editing group, clicking the Fill menu and then Series displays the
Series dialog box shown in Figure 8-28, which you use to create custom incremental series.
Alternatively, you can display the Series dialog box by selecting one or more cells
containing numbers, dragging the ill handle with the right mouse button, and clicking Series on
the shortcut menu.
Figure 8-28 Use the Series dialog box for more control when creating a series.
In the Series dialog box, you can specify an interval with which to increment the series ( step
value ) and a maximum value for the series ( stop value ). Using this method has a couple of
advantages over direct mouse manipulation techniques. First, you do not need to select
a range to ill, and second, you can specify increments (step values) without first selecting
cells containing examples of incremented values. You can select examples of values if you
want, but it is not necessary.
The Rows option tells Excel to use the first value in each row to ill the cells to the right. The
Columns option tells Excel to use the first value in each column to ill the cells below. For
example, if you select a range of cells in advance that is taller than it is wide, Excel
automatically selects the Columns option when you open the Series dialog box. Excel uses the
Type options in conjunction with the start values in selected cells and the value in the Step
Value box to create your series. If you select examples first, Step Value reflects the
increment between the selected cells.
The Linear option adds the value specified in the Step Value box to the selected values
in your worksheet to extend the series. The Growth option multiplies the last value in the
selection by the step value and extrapolates the rest of the values to create the series. If
you select the Date option, you can specify the type of date series from the options in the
Date Unit area. The Auto Fill option works like using the ill handle to drag a series,
extending the series by using the interval between the selected values; it determines the type of
data and attempts to “divine” your intention. Selecting the Trend check box extrapolates an
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