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Filling cells and creating data series
exponential series, but it works only if you select more than one value before displaying the
Series dialog box.
For more about typing dates, see “Entering a series of dates” in Chapter 15, “Formatting and
calculating date and time.”
Using the Fill menu commands
Use the Down, Right, Up, and Left commands on the Fill menu, shown in Figure 8-29, to
copy selected cells to an adjacent range of cells. Before clicking these commands, select the
range you want to ill, including the cell or cells containing the formulas, values, and
formats you want to use to ill the selected range. (Comments are not included when you use
these Fill commands.)
Suppose cell A1 contains the value 100. In Figure 8-29, we selected the range A1:K2 and
then clicked Fill, Right to copy the value 100 across row 1. With the range still selected, we
can click Fill, Down to finish filling the selected range with the original value.
You can also use keyboard shortcuts to duplicate Home, Fill, Down (press Ctrl+D) and
Home, Fill, Right (press Ctrl+R).
Figure 8-29 Use the Fill menu for quick access to common ill actions.
The Across Worksheets command on the Fill menu copies cells from one worksheet to
other worksheets in the same workbook. For more information about using the Across
Worksheets command, see “Filling a group” later in this chapter.
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