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Filling cells and creating data series
dragged the ill handle down. The text in cells A2:A9 was filled in automatically matching
the sequence in the custom list we created.
Figure 8-31 You can insert your own custom lists and sequences that you enter by dragging the
ill handle.
To create a custom list, follow these steps:
Click the File tab, click Options, and click the Advanced category.
2. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and click the Edit Custom Lists button (under
With New List selected in the Custom Lists box, type the items you want to include in
your list in the List Entries box. Be sure to type the items in the order you want them
to appear.
Click Add to add the list to the Custom Lists box.
5. Click OK to return to the worksheet.
Importing custom lists
You can also create a custom list by importing the entries in an existing cell range. To
import the entries shown in Figure 8-31, we selected a cell range containing the list of
names before opening the Excel Options dialog box. When you open the Edit Custom Lists
dialog box, the address of the selected range appears next to the Import button, which
you can click to add the new list. (You can also select the list after opening the dialog box.
You need to click in the edit box next to the Import button, and then you can drag on the
worksheet to select the cells.)
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