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Controlling automatic formatting
Figure 8-36 You can change the case of text with Flash Fill.
Controlling automatic formatting
Excel has several AutoFormat features designed to help speed things up as you work. As
you saw in Figure 8-34, in the Flash Fill section, Excel automatically creates a hyperlink
when you type in an email address, allowing you to simply click the entry to launch your
email program. AutoFormat also adds a hyperlink to any Internet address you type into a
cell, which automatically launches your browser when clicked. This is very handy if you want
to include one-click access to supporting information in your worksheets—or very
annoying if you don’t.
Tables also have special AutoFormat skills. If you are working with a table, additional
options control the extension of formatting and formulas.
For more about tables, see Chapter 22, “Managing information in tables.” For more about
AutoCorrect, see “Fixing errors as you type” later in this chapter.
You might want to turn one or more of these features off—for example, if you want to
enter email addresses without hyperlinks. You can control whether or not these features are
applied. Click the File tab, click Options, and then select the Proofing category. Click the
AutoCorrect Options button to display the AutoCorrect dialog box shown in Figure 8-37.
The tab labeled AutoFormat As You Type contains two options pertaining to tables and one
that controls whether Excel automatically creates hyperlinks whenever you type
recognizable Internet and network paths.
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