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Finding and replacing stuff
Figure 8-37 The AutoCorrect dialog box controls automatic hyperlinking, and format and
formula extension when working in tables.
Finding and replacing stuff
Suppose you built a large worksheet and you now need to find every occurrence of a
specific string of text or values in that worksheet. (In computerese, a string is defined as any
continuous series of characters—text, numbers, math operators, or punctuation symbols.)
You can use the Find & Select menu in the Editing group on the Home tab to locate any
string, cell reference, or range name in cells or formulas on a worksheet. You can also find
formatting with or without strings and then replace what you find with new strings, new
formatting, or both.
On the Home tab, in the Editing group, you see the Find & Select button, which is actually
a menu. When you click the Find command on the Find & Select menu (or press Ctrl+F),
the Find And Replace dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 8-38. (If yours looks different,
click Options to expand the dialog box.)
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