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Getting the words right
Although you can use wildcards in the Find What box to aid in your search, if you type
wildcard characters in the Replace With box, Excel uses a literal ? or * symbol when it
replaces each occurrence of your Find What text.
Getting the words right
Worksheets are not all numbers, of course, so Excel includes features to help make
typing and editing text easier. AutoCorrect helps you ix common typing errors even before
they become spelling problems. For the rest of the words in your worksheets, the spelling
checker helps make sure you entered your text according to Webster’s. You might even be
able to get AutoComplete to do some of the typing for you. And finally, the Research,
Thesaurus, and Translate features lend some real clout in your quest for perfect prose.
Fixing errors as you type
Perhaps you have to stop and think “ i before e except after c ” every time you type receive .
Perhaps you’re a blazing typist who constantly hits the second letter of a capitalized word
before the Shift key snaps back. The Excel AutoCorrect feature helps ix many common
typing and spelling errors on the fly. Click the File tab, Options, and in the Proofing category,
click the AutoCorrect Options button to display the AutoCorrect dialog box, shown in
Figure 8-42.
Figure 8-42 You can add your most common typing errors to the AutoCorrect dialog box.
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