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Getting the words right
AutoCorrect works when you are entering text in cells, in formulas, in text boxes, on
worksheet controls, and in chart labels. AutoCorrect does not work when you’re
entering text in dialog boxes.
The AutoCorrect tab in the AutoCorrect dialog box contains the following options:
Show AutoCorrect Options Buttons Controls the display of a menu when Excel
detects an error, listing actions you can perform on the affected cell.
Correct TWo INitial CApitals If a word contains both uppercase and lowercase
characters, checks that only one capital letter appears at the beginning of the word.
If not, Excel changes subsequent uppercase characters to lowercase. If a word is all
caps, Excel leaves it alone (assuming that this was intentional). AutoCorrect does
not attempt to modify mid-cap words like AutoCorrect, because they have become
Capitalize First Letter Of Sentences Makes sure you use sentence case (even if
your “sentences” aren’t grammatically correct), based on the position of periods.
Capitalize Names Of Days Recognizes days and applies initial caps. This does not
work on abbreviations like Sat .
Scans for this kind of random Shift key
Correct Accidental Use Of cAPS LOCK Key
Replace Text As You Type Controls the application of the replacement list at the
bottom of the dialog box, which lists a number of common replacement items. You
can add your own grammatical faux pas to this list using the Replace and With text
boxes and the Add button.
In addition to correcting common typing errors, such as replacing adn with and ,
AutoCorrect also provides a few useful shortcuts in its replacement list. For example, instead
of searching for the right font and symbol to add a copyright mark, you can type (c) , and
AutoCorrect replaces it with ©.
All these AutoCorrect options use specific rules of order. They use similar logical methods to
determine your real meaning. But don’t assume that AutoCorrect (or the spelling checker)
knows what you mean. Always proofread important work.
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