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Getting the words right
If you have other Microsoft Office programs installed, anything you add to the
AutoCorrect list in Excel also appears in other Office programs’ AutoCorrect lists.
Typing Internet and network addresses
We like to refer to this feature as AutoAutoFormat . The AutoFormat As You Type tab in the
AutoCorrect dialog box (shown in Figure 8-37 earlier in this chapter) offers the Internet And
Network Paths With Hyperlinks option under Replace As You Type. This converts a string
recognized as a valid uniform resource locator (URL) or network path into an active
hyperlink. As you finish typing it, you can click it immediately to go there.
Using custom AutoCorrect actions
The Actions tab in the AutoCorrect dialog box shown in Figure 8-43 is the repository for
customized actions that appear on floating option button menus when appropriate. Excel
comes with several of them, and you can download additional actions as they become
available on the Microsoft Office Online website ( ).
Figure 8-43 The Actions tab in the AutoCorrect dialog box controls the display of special
floating option button menus.
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