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Letting Excel help with typing chores
The following options are available in the AutoCorrect dialog box:
Turns the list of available
Enable Additional Actions In The Right-Click Menu
actions on or off.
Lists the currently installed actions.
Available Actions
More Actions Connects to the Microsoft Office website to find additional custom
actions you can add to the list. You need to be connected to the Internet.
Properties Tells you more about the action you select in the Available Actions list.
You need to be connected to the Internet for this one.
Letting Excel help with typing chores
Often when entering a large amount of data in one sitting, you end up typing the same
entries repeatedly. The AutoComplete feature cuts down the amount of typing you need
to do. It also increases the accuracy of your entries by partially automating them.
AutoComplete is on by default, but you can turn it off by clicking the File tab, Options, and then
Advanced, and then clearing the Enable AutoComplete For Cell Values check box in the
Editing Options area.
When you begin typing a cell entry, AutoComplete scans all the entries in the same column
and determines as each character is typed whether the column contains a possible match.
(This works only when you are typing in a cell adjacent to other entries.) For example, in
Figure 8-44, as soon as we typed W in cell A14, AutoComplete finished the entry with the
unique match found in the same column: Weiss, Charlotte. The text added by
AutoComplete is highlighted, so you can either continue typing, if that isn’t your intended entry, or
press Enter or an arrow key to accept the completion and move to another cell.
Figure 8-44 Type enough letters to match an existing entry, and AutoComplete finishes it for
you. As shown on the right, keep typing to override AutoComplete.
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