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Cheking yer speling
Cheking yer speling
Click the Review tab on the ribbon, and then click Spelling to check the spelling of an entire
worksheet or any part of it. If Excel finds any suspect words, the Spelling dialog box shown
in Figure 8-46 appears. Keep the following tips in mind when using the spelling checker:
If you select a single cell, Excel checks the entire worksheet, including all cells,
comments, Excel graphic objects, and page headers and footers.
If you select more than one cell, Excel checks the selected cells only.
If the formula bar is active, Excel checks only its contents.
If you select words that are in the formula bar, Excel checks the selected words only.
If the range you select for checking the spelling contains hidden or outlined cells that
are not visible, Excel checks these as well.
Cells that contain formulas are not checked.
Figure 8-46 Use the Spelling dialog box to review your text and add often-used words to your
Click Options in the Spelling dialog box to display the Excel Options dialog box. Click the
Proofing category, shown in Figure 8-47. Here you can access the AutoCorrect dialog box,
choose dictionaries in different languages, and select special options such as the Ignore
Internet And File Addresses check box.
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