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You can press F7 to instantly begin checking the spelling.
Figure 8-47 Gain more control over spelling with the Proofing tab in the Excel Options
dialog box.
Research resources
Besides Spelling, the buttons in the Proofing and Language groups on the Review tab—
Research, Thesaurus, and Translate—provide some real horsepower when you are ready
to invest time in the word play accompanying your numeric adventures. Clicking any of
these three buttons displays a task pane docked to the right side of the screen, as shown
in Figure 8-48. Note that only the Research button is a toggle—clicking it a second time
closes the task pane. Clicking either of the other two buttons opens the task pane if it is
not already visible, but clicking a button again does not close the task pane; it just changes
what appears within it.
The cell or range selected when you open the task pane automatically appears in the
Search For box. Click the arrow button to the right of the Search For box to execute the
search; any search results appear in the main area of the task pane. If you already have the
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