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Research resources
You can alter the contents of the drop-down list shown in Figure 8-49 by clicking Research
Options, located at the bottom of the task pane, which displays the Research Options
dialog box, shown in Figure 8-50. Here you can add places to look to the list, remove places,
add to or remove the available options, and specify parental controls (if you are logged on
as an administrator). To see the details of a particular service, select it and click the
Properties button.
Figure 8-50 Specify the research resources available using the Research Options dialog box.
INSIDE OUT Task pane tricks
You can reposition or resize the task pane by clicking the small arrow next to the Close
button and choosing the appropriate command. Clicking the Move command changes
the cursor to a four-headed arrow, letting you drag the task pane away from its docked
position on the right side of the screen. You can let it float above the workspace or
dock it on the left side if you prefer. After clicking the Size command, drag the mouse
(you don’t even need to click) to reposition the border of the task pane to make it
wider, up to half the screen width when docked. Click when the size of the task pane is
to your liking.
In actuality, you don’t need these commands at all. You can drag a task pane away from
the dock by its title bar at any time. You can drag the borders of the undocked task
pane with impunity, making it as large as you like. To restore a floating task pane to its
previous docked configuration, double-click its title bar. To remove a task pane from
view, click the Close button in its upper-right corner.
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