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Editing multiple worksheets
Figure 8-51 Click the New Sheet button to add sheets.
But you can also create new sheets by grouping and copying existing sheets, as we’ll show
in the following procedure:
Click the New Sheet button two times.
Click the Sheet1 tab, and then hold down Shift and click the Sheet3 tab. The
worksheets are now grouped, as shown in Figure 8-52. Notice that the title bar of the
workbook displays [Group] after the worksheet name, and all three sheet tabs are
Figure 8-52 The three worksheets are grouped.
Right-click any of the selected tabs, and click Move Or Copy on the shortcut menu.
In the Before Sheet list in the dialog box that appears, select Move To End. Select the
Create A Copy check box, and then click OK. Excel creates three new worksheets, as
shown in Figure 8-53.
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