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Editing multiple worksheets
does not exit group-editing mode. In this case, click any tab outside the group to exit
group-editing mode.
Besides using the Move Or Copy command to rearrange and duplicate worksheets in a
workbook, you can use the mouse to perform the same actions directly. Select a group
and drag to move it to a different location. The cursor changes to include a little pad of
paper, as shown here at the top:
To copy a group of worksheets, drag the group and then press Ctrl before releasing the
mouse button. The little pad of paper appears with a plus sign inside it, as shown in the
bottom illustration. You can also drag grouped worksheets from one open workbook to
What you can do in group-editing mode
Use the Excel group-editing feature to perform the following actions on all member
worksheets simultaneously:
Whatever you type in one worksheet is entered in all grouped
Entering text
Printing Using the Print, Print Preview, and Page Setup commands on the File tab
affects every worksheet in your group.
Viewing On the View tab, the Zoom, Workbook Views, Show, and Window options
apply to all the selected worksheets. You can even click View, Hide to hide all
grouped worksheets.
Formatting Any formatting you do is applied to all group members at the same
time, including row height, column width, font formats, conditional formatting, and
cell styles.
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