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Filling a group
Editing This applies all editing actions—including entering formulas, inserting rows
and columns, and using Find and Replace—to all worksheets in the group.
Page layout On the Page Layout tab, changes made to themes, page setup
options, the Scale To Fit setting, and most sheet options apply to the group.
Inserting headers and footers Using the Header & Footer command on the Insert
tab applies to every worksheet in the group.
Filling a group
If you aren’t starting from scratch but want to duplicate existing data in one worksheet to a
number of other worksheets in a workbook, you can click the Across Worksheets command,
located on the Fill menu in the Editing group on the Home tab. This option is available only
if you first establish a group. When you click this option, Excel displays the Fill Across
Worksheets dialog box, shown in Figure 8-55.
For example, to copy all the text and formatting of the worksheet shown in Figure 8-54 to
all the other grouped worksheets in the workbook (if we hadn’t already done that using
group-editing mode), we could select the range A1:J11 and then click Fill, Across
Worksheets. With the All option selected, Excel transfers all text, formulas, and formatting to
every other worksheet in the group. If you select the Contents option, Excel duplicates only
text and values; the Formats option predictably duplicates only the formats. Using the Fill,
Across Worksheets command does not copy row height, column width, or view options, but
you can still apply these to the group manually.
Figure 8-55 Use the Fill Across Worksheets dialog box to copy selected data to all the
worksheets in a group.
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