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Auditing and documenting worksheets
When a problem appears in the dialog box, the following selections are available:
Help On This Error displays a Help topic related to the problem cell.
Show Calculation Steps displays the Evaluate Formula dialog box. See “Evaluating and
auditing formulas” later in this chapter.
Ignore Error skips the selected cell. To “unignore” errors, click Options and then click
Reset Ignored Errors.
Edit In Formula Bar opens the selected cell in the formula bar for editing. When you
finish, click Resume. (The Help On This Error button changes to Resume.)
Click the Previous and Next buttons to locate additional errors on the current worksheet.
Click the Options button to display the Formulas category in the Excel Options dialog box,
shown in Figure 8-58. Select or clear the check boxes in the two Error Checking areas to
determine the type of errors to look for and the way they are processed. Click the Reset
Ignored Errors button if you want to recheck or if you clicked the Ignore Error button in the
Error Checking dialog box by mistake.
Figure 8-58 Click Options in the Error Checking dialog box to specify error-checking rules.
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