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Auditing and documenting worksheets
Figure 8-60 Each time you click the Evaluate button, Excel calculates another nested level in the
selected formula.
Eventually, clicking Evaluate results in the formula’s displayed value, and the Evaluate
button changes to Restart, letting you repeat the steps. Click the Step In button to place each
calculable reference into a separate box, making the hierarchy more apparent. In our
example, the first evaluated reference is to a cell range, which cannot be further evaluated. If the
reference is to a cell containing another formula, its address appears in the Evaluate
Formula dialog box, as shown in Figure 8-61. Where there are no more steps to be displayed,
click Step Out to close the Step In box and replace the reference with the resulting value.
Figure 8-61 Use Step In and Step Out to display calculable arguments separately.
Watching formulas
Sometimes you might want to keep an eye on a formula as you make changes to other
parts of a worksheet, or even when you’re working on other workbooks that supply
information to a worksheet. Instead of constantly having to return to the formula’s location
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