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Auditing and documenting worksheets
to see the results of your ministrations, you can use the Watch Window, which provides
remote viewing for any cell on any open worksheet.
Select a cell you want to keep an eye on, and on the Formulas tab, click Watch Window.
Then click Add Watch in the Watch Window, as shown in Figure 8-62.
Figure 8-62 Select a cell and click Watch Window to keep an eye on the cell, no matter where
you are currently working.
You can click a cell you want to watch either before or after you display the Add Watch
dialog box. Click Add to insert the cell information in the Watch Window. You can dock the
Watch Window, as shown in Figure 8-63. You can change its size by dragging its borders or
drag it away from its docked position.
While your workbook is still open, you can select any item in the Watch Window list and
delete it by clicking Delete Watch. The Watch Window button is a toggle—click it again
to close the window; or click the Close button at the top of the Watch Window. When you
close a workbook, Excel removes any watched cells the workbook contains from the Watch
Window list.
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