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Tracing cell references
Figure 8-66 When you trace precedents, arrows point from all the cells to which the formula in
the selected cell directly refers.
This time, arrows appear with dots in cells B2, B5, C5, and D5, indicating that all these cells
are precedents to the selected cell. Notice that the arrows still point in the same direction—
toward the formula and in the direction of the data low—even though we started from the
opposite end of the path.
Tracing errors
Suppose your worksheet displays error values like the ones shown in Figure 8-67. To trace
one of these errors to its source, select a cell that contains an error, and on the Formulas
tab, in the Formula Auditing group, click Trace Error. (Refer to Figure 8-57 earlier in this
chapter to see the Error Checking dialog box.)
Figure 8-67 Cells with error values display an action menu.
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