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Adding comments to cells
Figure 8-69 If you trace the precedents of a cell that contains a reference to another worksheet
or workbook, a special tracer arrow appears.
If you double-click a dashed tracer arrow, the Go To dialog box appears, with the reference
displayed in the Go To list. You can select the reference in the list and click OK to activate
the worksheet or workbook. However, if the reference is to a workbook that is not currently
open, an error message appears.
Adding comments to cells
Someday, someone else might need to use your workbooks, so it’s good to be clear and to
explain everything thoroughly. You can attach comments to cells to document your work,
explain calculations and assumptions, or provide reminders. Select the cell you want to
annotate, and then on the Review tab and in the Comments group, click the New
Comment button. (The button changes to Edit Comment after you click it.) Then type your
message in the box that appears, as shown in Figure 8-70.
When you add a comment to a cell, your name appears in bold type at the top of the
comment box. You can specify what appears here by clicking the File tab, Options, and in the
Personalize category typing your name (or any other text) in the User Name box. Whatever
you type here appears at the top of the comment box followed by a colon. Although you
can attach only one comment to a cell, you can make your comment as long as you like.
If you want to begin a new paragraph in the comment box, press Enter. When you’ve
finished, you can drag the handles to resize the comment box.
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