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Adding comments to cells
Figure 8-70 You can attach comments to cells to help document your worksheet.
Ordinarily, the presence of a comment is indicated by a small, red triangle that appears
in the upper-right corner of a cell. When you rest the pointer on a cell displaying this
comment indicator, the comment appears. To control the display of comments, click
the File tab, Options, and then the Advanced category. In the Display area, select one of
the options under For Cells With Comments, Show.
Tweaking your comments
After you add text to your comments, nothing is set in stone. You can work with comments
using the buttons in the Comments group on the Review tab:
New Comment/Edit Comment Click this button to add a comment to the selected
cell. If the selected cell already contains a comment, this button changes to Edit
Comment, which opens the comment for editing.
Previous and Next Click these buttons to open each comment in the workbook
for editing, one at a time. Even if your comments appear on several worksheets in the
same workbook, these buttons let you jump directly to each one in succession
without using the sheet tabs.
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