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Outlining worksheets
Show/Hide Comment Click this button to display (rather than open for editing)
the comment in the selected cell. This button changes to Hide Comment if the
comment is currently displayed.
Click this button to display all the comments on the
workShow All Comments
sheet at once.
Click this button to remove comments from all selected cells.
Show Ink Click this button to show or hide any ink annotations (Tablet PC only).
Printing comments
To print comments, follow these steps:
Click the Page Layout tab on the ribbon, and click the dialog box launcher in the
Page Setup group (the little icon to the right of the group name).
Click the sheet tab, and select one of the options in the Comments drop-down list.
The At End Of Sheet option prints all the comments in text form after the worksheet
is printed. The As Displayed On Sheet option prints comments as they appear on
the screen (as text boxes). Be careful, however, because comments printed this way
can obscure some contents of the worksheet, and if your comments are clustered
together, they might overlap.
Click the Print button in the Page Setup dialog box to display the Print dialog box,
where you can select additional options before sending your worksheet to the printer.
For more information about printing, see Chapter 11, “Printing and presenting.”
Outlining worksheets
Many typical spreadsheet models are built in a hierarchical fashion. For example, in a
monthly sales worksheet, you might have a column for each month of the year, followed
by a totals column, which depends on the numbers in the month columns. You can set up
the rows of data hierarchically, with groups of expense categories contributing to category
totals. Excel can turn worksheets of this kind into outlines.
Figure 8-71 shows a table of sales figures before outlining, and Figure 8-72 shows the
same worksheet after outlining. To accomplish this, we selected cell B3 in the table (any cell
would do), and on the Data tab, clicked the Group menu, and then clicked Auto Outline,
as shown in Figure 8-71. (To outline a specific range, select the area before choosing Auto
Outline.) Figure 8-72 shows how you can change the level of detail displayed after you
outline a worksheet.
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