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Outlining a worksheet with nonstandard layout
Figure 8-73 Two clicks transformed the outlined worksheet in Figure 8-72 into this quarterly
INSIDE OUT Undoing an outline
Note that after you use the Auto Outline command, you cannot use the Undo
command to revert your worksheet to its original state. This is one of the few things within
Excel that you can’t undo. Instead, click Clear Outline on the Data tab’s Ungroup menu
to remove the outline, which is a better method anyway because you can do it anytime.
Interestingly, after you use the Group command—the other command on the Group
menu—Undo works just fine.
Outlining a worksheet with nonstandard layout
The standard outline settings reflect the most common worksheet layout. To change these
settings, click the dialog box launcher (the little icon to the right of the group name) in
the Outline group on the Data tab to display the Settings dialog box shown in Figure
8-74. If your worksheet layout is not typical, such as a worksheet constructed with rows of
SUM formulas (or other types of summarization formulas) in rows above the detail rows
or with columns of formulas to the left of detail columns, clear the appropriate Direction
check box—Summary Rows Below Detail or Summary Columns To Right Of Detail—before
Figure 8-74 Use the Settings dialog box to adjust for a nonstandard layout.
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