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New and improved for 2013
New and improved for 2013
First, we’ll highlight the new features in the 2013 release of Microsoft Excel. Later, we’ll talk
about features that have been retired from the program and summarize the features that
will be new to you if you skipped the last upgrade or two.
New templates
It seems as if templates have always been a bit of an afterthought—as if someone slapped
together some generic sheets quickly, after everything else was done. No more. Excel 2013
has a new interface for templates, as shown in Figure 1-1, and now it offers some of the
most sophisticated and useful prepackaged workbooks you’ve ever seen. They succeed in
banishing the typical wall of numbers from your desktop, while delivering a lot of useful,
well-thought-out functionality. These templates are useful, and what’s more, you can learn
from them. For more information, see “Creating workbooks” in Chapter 2, “Exploring Excel
Figure 1-1 The New command on the File tab reveals a wealth of sophisticated templates.
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