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Quick analysis
Quick analysis
If you select more than one nonempty cell, the new Quick Analysis tool appears at the
lower right corner of the selected range. Clicking it displays a context-sensitive toolbar
containing tabs and controls applicable to the contents of the selected cells. As you move the
pointer over icons on the Quick Analysis toolbar, as shown in Figure 1-2, a live preview is
applied to the selected data on the worksheet. Just click the icon to make it stick. For more
information, see “Using the Quick Analysis tool” in Chapter 2.
Figure 1-2 Select a range and click the Quick Analysis button to display sets of applicable tools.
Flash Fill
Microsoft describes Flash Fill as a “data assistant that finishes your work for you.” Perhaps
it’s more like “finishing your sentences for you,” but as it turns out, Flash Fill is an
impressive feature that might better be described as a live concatenation function. As you type
data into cells, Excel compares it to data in adjacent cells, and if a pattern is detected, Flash
Fill offers a solution, such as the list of full names in column H, shown in Figure 1-3. For
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