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Formatting fundamentals
To quickly access the Format Cells dialog box, press Ctrl+1.
Dialog box launcher
Figure 9-3 The Home tab on the ribbon and the Format Cells dialog box are your formatting
Here are some fundamental rules of formatting in Excel:
A formatted cell remains formatted until you remove the format or apply a new
When you overwrite or edit a cell entry, you need not reformat the cell.
When you copy or cut a cell, the formats applied to that cell travel with it.
Build and edit the worksheet first; apply formatting later. Sometimes, the least efficient
step you can take is to apply your formatting too soon. Applying, removing, and then
reapplying formatting is at least three times the work. Trust us, you’ll do some
reformatting no matter what, so give yourself the freedom to rearrange until the layout
becomes clear for your purposes.
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