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Formatting tables
Formatting tables
The concept of “tables” in Excel took on fresh meaning with the 2007 release, and it
continues through the 2013 release. Tables are special objects in Excel that include many features
beyond formatting, but you can use the Format As Table button on the Home tab to apply
specific font, border, and ill attributes to all the elements of a table at once. The Format
As Table gallery, shown in Figure 9-4, applies predeined combinations of these formatting
Figure 9-4 The Format As Table gallery offers a selection of predeined formats you can apply
with one click.
When you use Format As Table, you apply more than just formatting—you are
actually transforming a region of your worksheet into a kind of self-contained entity that
not only adds filters to all column headings but also has special properties that offer
extreme editing while preserving the integrity and format of the table structure.
Chapter 22, “Managing information in tables,” covers tables in more detail. You’ll want to
check out that chapter.
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