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Recommended charts
more information, see “Automatic parsing and concatenation using Flash Fill” in Chapter 8,
“Worksheet editing techniques.”
Figure 1-3 Typing one full name into cell H2 was all the information Flash Fill needed to
correctly guess the desired results, which were suggested after only one letter was typed into
cell H3.
Recommended charts
Like Flash Fill, the Recommended Charts button on the Insert tab is another brainy feature
that attempts to figure out what you’re after and limits your choices accordingly, rather
than presenting you with every available option. When the active cell is in a table, clicking
the Recommended Charts button displays the Insert Chart dialog box, as shown in Figure
1-4, which now opens to a special tab containing thumbnails of your data displayed in
Excel’s selected chart types. If you still need more options, the All Charts tab is just a click
away. For more information, see “Creating a new chart” in Chapter 19, “Designing charts.”
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