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Painting formats
Figure 9-13 Themes control the overall palette of available colors, fonts, and effects. Changing
the theme instantly changes the look of all the worksheets in the active workbook.
When you apply a theme using the Themes button, all applicable formats in the active
workbook change instantly, including the colors of text, background, accents and
hyperlinks, heading and body text fonts, line and ill effects, and even graphics, as shown in
Figure 9-13. This happens regardless of the number of cells you selected.
Just as when you choose a theme, changes you make using the Colors, Fonts, or Effects
galleries are reflected immediately throughout the workbook. The Colors gallery contains
a selection of coordinated color schemes that, when selected, change the available colors
in all other galleries where colors are used. The Fonts gallery offers a selection of font sets
including two fonts each—one for headings and one for body text. The Effects gallery gives
you a choice of graphic “looks,” accomplished using various applications of line and ill
effects that reflect the current color scheme.
Themes have no effect on cells to which you have directly applied font, color, line, or
ill formatting using settings that are not part of a theme.
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