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Formatting with cell styles
The Cell Styles button appears in the Styles group on the Home tab on the ribbon. Cell
styles wield the following formatting attributes: number and ill formatting, cell alignment,
fonts, borders, and even cell-level protection settings. Several built-in cell styles have
specific purposes, as you can see in Figure 9-15, and you can create your own custom styles
(designed in concert with your company theme, perhaps).
Figure 9-15 The Cell Styles gallery offers categories of styles based on the current theme.
You’ll find the following six cell style categories, with individual styles that have uses
suggested by their titles and the categories in which they live:
Good, Bad And Neutral If you want, you can use these styles when
highlighting good news, bad news, and…just plain old news. The Normal style also lives here,
which you can use to “reset” selected cells to default formatting.
Data And Model These styles are intended for specific purposes, such as Input
and Output styles for cells that are meant to accept user input or reveal the results of
Titles And Headings The intended use is self-explanatory, but it’s interesting to
note that the top three Heading styles include bottom borders of different weights,
making them useful for creating color-coordinated column headers in tables.
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