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Formatting with cell styles
built-in styles. When you finish defining the style, click OK; your new style appears in the
Custom category of the Cell Styles gallery.
Figure 9-18 Modify an existing cell style by right-clicking its thumbnail in the gallery and
clicking Modify.
The predeined Normal style is applied to every cell in every new workbook. Thus, if
you want to use the standard set of formatting attributes, you don’t need to do
anything. If, however, you want to change the default attributes for all cells in a worksheet,
you can redefine any or all attributes of the Normal style.
Merging cell styles from different workbooks To maintain formatting consistency
across a group of worksheets, you can keep the worksheets in the same workbook. If this is
impractical but you still want to maintain stylistic consistency, you can copy style definitions
between workbooks. (Of course, themes are also helpful in this regard and are covered in
“Formatting with themes” earlier in this chapter.)
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