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Formatting with cell styles
To copy a style from one workbook to another, take the following steps:
1. Open both the source workbook (the one you’re copying from) and the destination
workbook (the one you’re copying to).
Click the destination workbook to make it the active window.
On the ribbon, click Home, Cell Styles, Merge Styles. Excel displays a dialog box
listing all the other open workbooks, as shown in Figure 9-19.
Figure 9-19 Copy cell styles from any open workbook using the Merge Styles command.
4. Select the name of the workbook you want to copy styles from, and click OK.
If a style in the source workbook has the same name as one already in your
destination workbook, a message asks whether you want to merge styles that have the same
names. You receive this warning only once, however, no matter how many duplicate
style names exist. If you click Yes, the styles from the source workbook override those
with the same names in the destination workbook.
Deleting a cell style To delete a style, click the Home tab, Cell Styles, and right-click the
custom style you want to delete. (You cannot delete a built-in cell style.) Then click Delete.
Any cells formatted using the deleted style revert to the Normal style.
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