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Formatting numbers
When formatting numbers, always select a cell containing a number before opening
the Format Cells dialog box so that you can see the actual results in the Sample area.
Figure 9-34 Use the Number category for general-purpose, noncurrency numeric formatting.
Using Currency formats
The quickest way to apply currency formatting is by clicking Currency in the Number
dropdown list in the Number group on the Home tab, as shown in Figure 9-35. The Currency
format is similar to the Number format that precedes it in the drop-down list, except it also
includes the default currency symbol for your locale. Notice that most of the commands
listed here display little previews showing you what the contents of the active cell will look
like if you click that command.
Despite the button’s appearance, clicking the $ button on the Home tab actually
applies a two-decimal Accounting format, which is similar to, but a little different from,
the Currency format. We’ll discuss Accounting formats in the next section.
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