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Formatting numbers
Using the decimal buttons
You can change the number of displayed decimal places in any selected cell or range at
any time using two buttons—Increase Decimal and Decrease Decimal—in the Number
group on the Home tab:
The Increase Decimal button displays an arrow pointing to the left, and the Decrease
Decimal button displays an arrow pointing to the right, which might seem backward
to those of us in the left-to-right/smaller-to-larger world of Western culture, but of
course these buttons address what happens only on the right side of the decimal point.
Each click adds or subtracts one decimal place from the displayed value. Interestingly,
although you can specify up to 30 decimal places using the Format Cells dialog box,
you can increase the number of decimal places to a maximum of 127, one click at a
time, using the Increase Decimal button.
Using Accounting formats
The most-often-used Accounting format is directly available on the Home tab on the
ribbon, using the Accounting Number Format button in the Number group. Clicking this
button applies a standard two-decimal-place format with comma separators and currency
symbols to the selected cells. Clicking the arrow button adjacent to the Accounting
Number Format button displays a menu providing access to a few additional currency symbols,
as shown in Figure 9-36.
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