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Formatting numbers
Understanding the Text format
Applying the Text format to a cell indicates that the entry in the cell is to be treated as text,
even if it’s a number. For example, a numeric value is ordinarily right-aligned in its cell. If
you apply the Text format to the cell, however, the value is left-aligned as if it were a text
entry. For all practical purposes, a numeric constant formatted as text is still considered a
number because Excel is capable of recognizing its numeric value anyway.
Using the Special formats
The four Special formats shown in Figure 9-40 are a result of many requests from users.
These generally noncalculated numbers include two ZIP code formats, a phone number
format (complete with the area code in parentheses), and a Social Security number format.
Using each of these Special formats, you can quickly type numbers without having to type
the punctuation characters.
Figure 9-40 Excel provides several frequently requested formats in the Special category.
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