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Formatting numbers
Figure 9-41 Use the Custom category to create new formats using special codes.
Edit the contents of the Type text box, using the codes listed in Table 9-1. The built-in
format isn’t affected, and the new format is added to the bottom of the Type list.
For example, to create a format that displays the date and time with the longest available
format for day, month, and year, start by typing a date in a cell, and then select it. In the
Custom category in the Format Cells dialog box, edit the format in the Type text box to
read dddd, mmmm dd, yyyy – hh:mm AM/PM (including spaces and commas), and then
click OK. Figure 9-42 shows the result.
Saving the workbook saves your new formats, but to carry special formats from one
workbook to another, you must copy and paste a cell with the Custom format. For easy
access to special formats, consider saving them in one workbook.
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