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Retired in 2013
Retired in 2013
These are features whose services were no longer required this time around:
Save Workspace Because of the new “One workbook, one window” interface, the
Save Workspace command lost most of its reason to exist.
Window Split box Near the vertical scroll bar, lived a little box you could
doubleclick to split the worksheet into panes. Although you can do the job using the Split
button on the View tab, the box was inexplicably removed—perhaps another casualty
of the “one workbook, one window” interface.
If you missed the last upgrade
Just in case you leapfrogged a software upgrade and missed the last big Microsoft Office
release, here is a brief description of a few features that are essentially new to you but were
introduced in the previous release:
Backstage view The File tab opens what Microsoft calls Backstage view, a single
location where you find essential controls and information about your documents
and where most of Excel’s behind-the-scenes options and settings reside. The
traditional File menu commands are here, too—for opening, saving, and creating new
files; using templates; printing; and sharing information with others.
Ribbon customization Users of the static ribbon in Excel 2007 will be happy to
know they can now freely rearrange command groups; change the order and
position of tabs; remove groups; create custom commands, groups, and tabs; and show
or hide existing tabs.
Sparklines Sparklines are tiny charts that it within a cell and give you a visual
summary alongside your data.
Paste Preview In Excel, you now can preview how copied information will look
before you paste it. When you copy and then click the Paste menu (on the Home tab
in the Clipboard group), hovering over the option buttons displays what each one
will do on the worksheet if and when you actually click it.
Improved picture editing Now when you want to insert a picture in a workbook,
you can edit it directly in Excel—you no longer need to prepare it in advance using a
photo-editing program.
Office Web Apps Providing a familiar Microsoft Office experience when you are
away from your computer, Office Web Apps allow you to work with Excel, Word,
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