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Aligning data in cells
accommodate it, Excel increases the height of the row in which the cell is located and then
wraps the text onto additional lines within the same cell. As shown in Figure 9-46, cell A10
contains a multiline label formatted with the Wrap Text option.
Justifying text in cells The Alignment tab in the Format Cells dialog box provides two
justify options—one in the Horizontal drop-down list and one in the Vertical drop-down
list. The Horizontal Justify option not only forces text in the active cell to align lush with
the right margin, as shown in cell B10 in Figure 9-46, but also wraps text within the cell and
adjusts the row height accordingly.
Do not confuse the Horizontal Justify option with the Justify command (on the Fill
menu in the Editing group on the Home tab), which redistributes a text entry into
as many cells as necessary below the selected cell by dividing the text into separate
chunks. For more information about the Justify command on the Fill menu, see “Dis-
tributing long entries using the Justify command” in Chapter 8.
The Vertical Justify option performs essentially the same task as its Horizontal counterpart,
except it adjusts cell entries relative to the top and bottom of the cell rather than the sides,
as shown in cell E3 of Figure 9-47.
Figure 9-47 Use the Vertical options to control placement of text from top to bottom.
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