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Aligning text vertically
The Justify Distributed option becomes available only when you select one of the
Distributed options in either the Horizontal drop-down list or the Vertical drop-down list. It
combines the effect of the Justify option with that of the Distributed option not only by
wrapping text in the cell and forcing it to align lush right but also by spacing the contents
of the cell as evenly as possible within each wrapped line of text.
Aligning text vertically
The Top Align, Middle Align, and Bottom Align buttons on the Home tab control the
vertical placement of cell contents and fulfill most of your needs in this regard. The Vertical
drop-down list on the Alignment tab in the Format Cells dialog box includes two additional
alignment options—Justify and Distributed—which are similar to the corresponding
Horizontal alignment options. Cells A3:C3 in Figure 9-47 show examples of the first three
alignment options. As noted earlier, cell E3 shows the Justify option in action. We formatted cell
D3, containing the percent signs, using the Distributed option.
The options in the Vertical drop-down list create the following effects:
Top, Center, and Bottom These options force cell contents to align to each
respective location within a cell. The default vertical cell orientation in new worksheets is
Justify This option expands the space between lines so that text entries align lush
with the top and bottom of the cell.
Distributed This option spreads the contents of the cell evenly from top to bottom,
making the spaces between lines as close to equal as possible.
Controlling text orientation
Clicking the Orientation button in the Alignment group on the Home tab displays the
menu shown in Figure 9-48, offering common orientation options.
The Orientation area on the Alignment tab in the Format Cells dialog box contains
additional controls, which you can use to change the angle of cell contents to read at any angle
from 90 degrees counterclockwise to 90 degrees clockwise.
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