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Using fonts
The Shrink To Fit format is dynamic and readjusts if you change the column width, either
increasing or decreasing the font size as needed. The assigned size of the font does not
change; therefore, no matter how wide you make the column, the font will not expand
beyond the assigned size.
The Shrink To Fit option can be a good way to solve a problem, but keep in mind that this
option reduces the font to as small a size as necessary. If the cell is narrow enough and the
cell contents long enough, the result might be too small to read.
Using fonts
The term font refers to a typeface (such as Calibri), along with its attributes (such as point
size and color). The Font group on the Home tab on the ribbon, shown in Figure 9-50,
is the easiest way to apply general font formatting to selected cells. Here are a few facts
about the controls in the Font group:
The Font, Font Size, Underline, Borders, Fill Color, and Font Color buttons all include
arrows to their right, which you can click to display a menu or gallery with additional
The appearance of the Font Color, Fill Color, and Borders buttons changes to reflect
the last-used option. This lets you apply the same option again by clicking the
button, without using the menu or gallery.
The Bold and Italic buttons are toggles; click once to apply the format, and click
again to remove it.
Font Size
Increase/Decrease Font Size
Font Color
Fill Color
Figure 9-50 The Font group contains font-formatting controls, as well as border and ill controls.
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