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Customizing borders
INSIDE OUT Automatic font color isn’t really automatic
If you select Automatic (the default font color option) in the Color drop-down list (or
use its equivalent in the Font group on the Home tab on the ribbon), Excel displays
the contents of your cell in black. You might think that Automatic should select an
appropriate color for text on the basis of the color you apply to the cell, but this isn’t
the case. If, for example, you apply a black background to a cell, you might think,
logically, that the automatic font color would be white. This isn’t so; Automatic is always
black unless you select another Window Font color in the Display Properties dialog box
(accessed from Windows Control Panel). For more information about applying colors to
cells, see “Applying colors and patterns” later in this chapter.
Customizing borders
Borders and shading can be effective devices for defining areas in your worksheet or for
drawing attention to important cells, and the Borders button in the Font group on the
Home tab is the easiest way to apply them. Clicking this button applies the last-used border
format and displays a thumbnail representation of it on the button. Click the arrow to the
right of the button to display the menu shown in Figure 9-52.
As does the image displayed on the button, the button name also reflects the last-used
border format when you rest the pointer on the button to display a ScreenTip.
The most-often-used border options are represented on the Borders menu, but for more
precise control, click the More Borders command on the menu to display the Border tab in
the Format Cells dialog box, shown in Figure 9-53. (As always, the dialog box launcher next
to the Font group opens the dialog box as well.) If you have more than one cell selected
when you open the dialog box, the Border preview area includes tick marks in the middle
and at the corners, as shown in Figure 9-53.
A solid gray line in the preview area means that the format applies to some but not all
of the selected cells.
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