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Customizing borders
An angled border trick
Sometimes you might want to use that pesky cell that generally remains empty in the
upper-left corner of a table. You can use an angled border to create dual-label
corner cells (we expanded the formula bar in the following figure to show all the text in
cell A3):
Here’s how to do it:
1. Select the cell you want to format, and type about 10 space characters. You can
adjust this later. (There are 20 spaces before the Exam # label in the example.)
2. Type the label you want to correspond to the column labels across the top of the
3. Hold down the Alt key, and press Enter twice to create two line breaks in the cell.
4. Type the second label, which corresponds to the row labels down the left side of
the table, and press Enter.
5. With the cell selected, click the More Borders command on the Borders menu.
6. Select a line style, and click the upper-left to lower-right angled border button.
7. Click the Alignment tab, select the Wrap Text check box, and then click OK.
You will probably need to fine-tune a bit by adjusting the column width and row height
and by adding or removing space characters before the first label. In the example, we
also selected cells B3:F3 and then clicked the Top Align button in the Alignment group
on the Home tab so that all the labels line up across the top of the table.
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