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If you missed the last two upgrades
Graphics enhancements Excel has improved greatly over the years as a platform
for graphics and design, and the 2007 release incorporated a few subtle
enhancements, including a robust SmartArt feature; improvements to conditional formatting,
shapes, and charting; and new document themes and cell styles.
Improved formatting Microsoft built a lot more intelligence into the formatting
features of Excel 2007—including themes, cell styles, and galleries. You can use Live
Previews to rest the pointer on an item in a palette of options to see what will
happen when and if you click.
Page Layout view Really more than a view, Page Layout view became a working
mode with rulers and page previews in which you have full editing functionality and
control over the appearance of your documents.
Increased capacity and speed The new XML file format and other internal
improvements gave Excel 2007 greatly increased capacities in just about every
specification—for example, spreadsheets that can hold more than one million rows
of data, 64 levels of nesting in formulas, and built-in support for multicore processors
and multithreaded chipsets. Other major specification changes included
The total number of available columns: 16,384 (was 256).
The total number of available rows: 1,048,576 (was 65,536).
The total amount of computer memory: Excel can now use the maximum
allowed by Windows (was 1 gigabyte).
The number of unique colors allowed in a single workbook: 4.3 billion (was 56).
The number of conditional format conditions on a cell: Limited only by
available memory (was 3).
The number of levels of sorting you can perform on a range or table: 64
(was 3).
The number of items allowed in the Filter drop-down list: 10,000 (was 1,000).
The total number of unique cell formats in a workbook: 64,000 (was 4,000).
The maximum number of characters allowed in formulas: 8,000 (was 1,000).
The number of levels of nesting that Excel allows in formulas: 64 (was 7).
The maximum number of arguments allowed to a function: 255 (was 30).
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