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Applying colors and patterns
Figure 9-54 We created two boxes using the Draw Border command and another using the
Draw Border Grid command.
Applying colors and patterns
The Fill Color button in the Font group on the Home tab offers colors you can apply to
selected cells. Click the button’s arrow to display the options shown in Figure 9-55.
If you want to do more than just ill cells with color, the Fill tab in the Format Cells dialog
box provides additional control. (Click the dialog box launcher in the Font group on the
ribbon to display the Format Cells dialog box.) The main feature of the Fill tab is a palette of
colors, mimicking the palette available on the ribbon. A feature not available on the ribbon
is the Pattern Style drop-down palette, shown in Figure 9-56. You use this palette to select
a pattern for selected cells and the Pattern Color drop-down palette above it to choose a
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