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Controlling the size of cells
Depending on the font you are using, characters that appear to it within a column on
your screen might not it when you print the worksheet. You can preview your output
before printing by pressing Ctrl+P to display the Print screen in Backstage view, where
you can see an image of the worksheet as it will look when printed. For information
about print preview, see Chapter 11, “Printing and presenting.”
Tricks for tailoring cells
Here are a few methods you can use to speed up your cell-sizing chores:
When you select a number of rows or columns, you can tailor all of them to it
their contents—essentially the same as using one of the AutoFit commands—by
double-clicking any line to the right of a selected column header or any line
below a selected row header. Doing so automatically snaps all the selected cells
to accommodate the widest or tallest displayed values.
To tailor all the cells in the worksheet at once, first click the gray square at the
intersection of the row and column headers to select the entire worksheet (or
press Ctrl+A). Then double-click any line in the row header to autoit all rows,
and double-click any line in the column header to autoit all columns.
To change the widths of all the columns in the current worksheet, select any
entire row by clicking a row heading (or pressing Shift+Spacebar), and then click
the Column Width command on the Format menu on the Home tab.
To change the height of all of the rows in the current worksheet, select any entire
column by clicking a column heading (or pressing Ctrl+Spacebar), and then click
the Row Height command on the Format menu on the Home tab.
Changing row heights
The height of a row always changes dynamically to accommodate the largest font used in
that row. Thus, you don’t usually need to worry about characters being too tall to it in a
row. Adjusting row height is the same as adjusting column width—just drag one of the lines
between row headings.
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