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Controlling the size of cells
To restore the default height of one or more rows, select any cell in those rows and click
AutoFit Row Height on the Format menu on the Home tab. Unlike column width, you
cannot define a standard row height. The AutoFit command serves the same function,
returning empty rows to the standard height needed to accommodate the default font and fitting
row heights to accommodate the tallest entry. When you create or edit a multiline text
entry using the Wrap Text button or the Justify option on the Alignment tab in the Format
Cells dialog box, Excel automatically adjusts the row height to accommodate it.
For more information, see “Wrapping text in cells” and “Justifying text in cells” earlier in this
Hiding a column or row
If you want to hide information within a worksheet, you can hide entire columns or
rows. To do so, select any cell in the row or column you want to hide. Then, on the
Format menu on the Home tab, click Hide & Unhide, and then click Hide Rows or Hide
Columns. This sets the width of the column to zero. You can also hide rows and
columns by dragging the line between headings up or to the left until the height or width
is zero. When a row or column’s width is set to 0, Excel skips over it when you move the
active cell, and the column letter or row number disappears. For example, if you hide
column C, the column heading line reads A, B, D, and so on.
To redisplay a hidden row or column, drag to select the headings on both sides, and
click Unhide Rows or Unhide Columns on the Hide & Unhide menu. Selecting the
Hidden check box on the Protection tab of the Format Cells dialog box hides only formulas
in the formula bar.
Merging and unmerging cells
The spreadsheet grid is arguably the most versatile type of document, and the ability to
merge cells makes it all the more versatile. Select the cells you want to merge, and click the
arrow to the right of the Merge & Center button in the Alignment group on the Home tab
to display the menu shown in Figure 9-62.
When you merge several cells that contain data, only the data in the uppermost,
leftmost cell is preserved. Excel overwrites data in subsidiary cells. Copy any data you need
to another location before merging.
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