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If you missed the last two upgrades
The maximum number of items returned by the Find command: 2 billion (was
The number of rows allowed in a PivotTable: 1 million (was 64,000).
The number of columns allowed in a PivotTable: 16,000 (was 255).
The maximum number of unique items within a single PivotTable field: 1
million (was 32,000).
The maximum length of the MDX name for a PivotTable item, the string length
for a relational Pivot Table, the caption length, and the field label length:
32,000 (was 255).
The number of fields that a single PivotTable can have: 16,000 (was 255).
The number of array formulas that can refer to another worksheet: Limited only
by available memory (was 65,000).
Limit to the number of rows that you can refer to in an array formula: None
(was 64,000).
The number of categories allowed for custom functions: 255 (was 32).
Excel now supports multicore processors and multithreaded chipsets.
Better and easier tables Excel 2007 introduced a more robust table feature,
incorporating PivotTable-like intelligence with easier formatting and editing. New features
included the Table Styles gallery, structured referencing, the Remove Duplicates
feature, and more.
Improved PivotTables and PivotCharts Excel 2007 added a few key
improvements to PivotTable filtering, design, and layout. The greatly improved appearance of
the charting features enabled more compelling PivotCharts.
Better database connectivity Along with better PivotTables, Excel 2007 provided
built-in access to SQL Server Analysis Services and included support for the Unified
Dimensional Model (UDM), as well as for online analytical processing (OLAP)
browsers and key performance indicators (KPIs).
Formula AutoComplete Typing functions in formulas became a little easier in
Excel 2007. When you type an equal sign (=) followed by any letter, you get a
dropdown list of functions that start with that letter, along with a ScreenTip description of
the highlighted function. Type another letter, and the list is filtered again. If you have
defined cell range names in your workbook, these appear in the list as well.
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